Where can I try 27 87 perfumes?

Check out the closest shop in your area in the store finder or order your discovery kit here and now.

Why the brand is called 27 87?

It’s as simple as that: 27 87 is available in namesake 27ml and 87ml bottles rather than traditional 100ml or 50ml flasks. Also: we like it clean, minimalist and graphic. 

What is niche or artistic perfumery?

‘Niche’ perfumery began by referring to fragrances made independently, owned by small houses or brands. Like in arts – artistic perfumery is first and foremost a self-expression, a personal message, a statement. 

27 87 scents offer our consumers a unique opportunity to reward oneself with an olfactory experience that is both: uncommon and individual. 

Our scent compositions reflect today’s culture while focussing on locally handcrafted artisanal production in Barcelona.

Niche also equates to quality. We collaborate with the world’s most distinctive noses to create progressive scents. Our fragrances are defined by the quality of its ingredients, along with production and manufacturing processes, maceration, and long-lasting packaging. Each box is created by an artist as an embodiment and tactile extension of the perfume’s character. (So, go ahead and repurpose it at your pleasure!)

Where are 27 87 perfumes produced?

27 87 perfumes are 100% made in Barcelona – from A to Z: the juice, the bottle, and the packaging.

How many ounces are in 87ml?

2.94 L.F. O.Z.

What are top, middle, and base notes?

While talking about different notes, one thing is always important to keep in mind: it is only the entire composition that defines the quality and character of any perfume.
The different notes show the olfactory development of a perfume. A scent opens with its top notes: they are light and usually last up to 5-10 minutes. Top notes give you the first impression of a perfume. After that, you can smell the middle notes, also known as the heart notes. They give the core to any perfume and usually classify the fragrance family to which your scent belongs to. The long-lasting base notes help to slow down the evaporation of the lighter notes. They last the longest. However, there are some fragrances that do not have a traditional top, middle and base note and are usually described as “linear”.GENETIC BLISSis the only linear 27 87 scent. 

How to choose my 27 87 perfume?

Choosing a perfume is a highly personal and individual decision.

More than just a fragrance, a perfume is a genuine olfactory signature. A scent has the ability to support who we are and for most of us, it is even an essential part of our everyday lives by now. Perfumes evoke emotions and linger in our wake. Therefore choosing the right scent(s) might depend on your personality, mood or your state of mind. To help you make a decision, we carry four Lines, each reflective of a distinct state of mind. They can act as a perfect guidance to find your signature scent(s). You find detailed descriptions and a precise list of ingredients for any scent in our Shop. We also offer a Discovery Kit to dive deep into the world of 27 87.

If you try our perfumes at home or in Store, the best way to explore it is to try it on both – the blotter and your skin. And, forget what you might have been told: don’t rub your wrists together. It might damage or distort a fragrance. Also be aware that a scent reacts differently to different skin types. And: let the perfume develop on your skin before making a decision. 

Genetic bliss, which is a linear scent and has a molecular structure to it, is designed to be used separately or even together with other 27 87 perfumes. 

Can I wear several 27 87 perfumes at once?

It depends on you. All our scents are completely different from each other – they have their own unique scent personality and are designed to be worn alone.

The only perfume that is designed to act as a scent booster and is aligned with all other perfumes is Genetic Bliss – you can wear it in combination with any 27 87 perfume. However, the main point of wearing perfume is self-expression. Feel free to experiment with special combinations depending on your body chemistry and the momentum!

Are 27 87 perfumes designed for men or women?

27 87 perfumes are all gender. Wear the scent that feels like you. Always.

How long do 27 87 perfumes last?

The long-lastingness of a scent depends on many external factors, such as weather conditions, humidity and skin type. You can prolong the life of a scent on your skin by applying an unscented lotion, cream or oil before the application of your favorite perfume. Used on fabrics and clothing the lifespan of a scent might be even longer.

Are 27 87 perfumes vegan?

Yes. All 27 87 perfumes are compatible with vegan principles and do not contain any intentionally added animal ingredient or ingredients derived from animals.

Are 27 87 perfumes cruelty-free?

Yes. 27 87 perfumes are not tested on animals and follow the cruelty-free philosophy. Our suppliers of ingredients fully support the principle of the 3Rs, invest in the development of replacement of animal testing and are members of the European Partnership for the Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA).

What’s 27 87’s take on sustainability?

27 87 is a small independent perfume house. We release new perfumes when it‘s time, not when the market requires it. We do not mass-advertise and our product range consists of only seven carefully constructed fragrances by now. All our products are locally produced in Barcelona to secure short delivery paths. All our perfumes are vegan and cruelty-free. Each product box is created by an artist as an embodiment and tactile extension of the perfume’s character and consciously designed to be collectable and/or reusable – we encourage you to get creative by using them in your shelf and on your desk.

Do 27 87 perfumes contain any allergens?

27 87 perfume production follows strict IFRA regulations. We haven’t had any complaints about the allergies, though, let us know in case you might have any allergic reactions.

How long can I keep my 27 87 perfume?

To guarantee the best quality and the longest lifespan of a perfume, pay attention to the storage. Keep your perfume away from heat (18-20 degrees as ideal temperature) and direct sunlight. Just like with best wines, know that a perfume that has never been opened and used before, and has been kept in a dark cold place can last more than 40 years! Also carefully follow our care instructions, which you find in our perfume packaging.