Present Tense

Everything that is, is present. The past is only accessible through the present. The future only comes as the present. In present, we are able to create new scents through the know-how of traditional craftsmanship. We understand the quality and pleasure of the new and ever-changing. It gives us permission to act, create, experience, make changes, be progressive, enjoy, and, above all: live. 


We’re in the business of a sensory experience that lies well beyond the world we are able to perceive with our eyes. And yet, our sense of smell is the most powerful we own. It is directly linked to emotions. It has the invisible power to control everything we do. 
In short: Our sense of smell is not subject to reason. 
By embracing that our senses and minds seek out the invisible, our understanding is enhanced, not only of beauty, but of reality.

The Independent Way

We say: Trust in you. Stop being so serious and reasonable. Leave space for dreams and big ideas. 27 87 is personal. Independent perfumery requires an independent way of doing. The opposite is dependence: The antithesis of freedom of choice and creativity. A gut feeling is a good feeling.


Deep blue with a hint of forest green and glinting yellow. Barcelona is sensitive, quaint, and cultured. Not punk, but alternative. It‘s the simplicity of sunlight, day in and day out. It‘s Panots versus MACBA, tradition versus Zeitgeist. People fill the air from El Born to Poble Nou, while the Palau de la Musica‘s jazz music clashes against the deep electronic beats of Razzmatazz. 


White means clean and minimalist. White is a canvas, not a competition.It leaves space for interpretation and individuality. It is presence. Write, paint, think, smell it for yourself.

The Product

We value our product. And by product we don’t mean what we’re selling, but how we’re making it. A fragrance is defined by the quality of its ingredients, along with production and manufacturing processes, maceration, local craftsmanship, and long-lasting packaging. We do not compromise. Quality is non-negotiable.


“Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” Music and fragrance speak the same language.  It is the entire composition that defines its quality and character. Without olfactory molecules, no notes; without notes, no perfume. Meaning: You can only cherish a perfume when you listen to it as a whole, from the beginning to the end; from top note to base note. And most importantly: You can’t judge a perfume just by reading the notes. That would be like reading a score without listening to the music.

27 87

27 87 is available in namesake 27ml and 87ml bottles. They are opaque to ensure quality.We carry four lines, each reflective of a distinct state of mind. We collaborate with the world’s most distinctive noses to create progressive scents. Each box is created by an artist as an embodiment and tactile extension of the perfume’s character. (Go ahead, repurpose it at your pleasure.) In short: We pay a hell of a lot of attention to detail


We’ve made a choice against performing rhythmically, or rather, against following patterns. Living nonrhythmically means being able to surprise, be spontaneous, and always act within the here and now. The present moment does not know rhythm. It‘s always a bit unforeseen.


“What defines modern perfumery?” A question we get asked a lot. Our main goal is to find ourselves in unknown territory; to compose scents that are unique in their novelty and rarity. In order to get there, we have to create unheard of fusions of different ingredients that will result in a completely new scent.


We favor progress over standstill; change over maintaining the status quo. 27 87 is venturous, reckless, and bold. 


“Beauty is no longer an event of truth. It‘s just an object of immediate pleasure, as the object of consumption. All negativity is eliminated.“ * We work hard to overcome capitalized and standardized ideas of beauty. Our fragrances are not limited to one point of view. 27 87‘s idea of beauty is shaped by its user and their very own perceptions. 
* quote by Byung-Chul Han, philosopher

Burned Wires*

Composing new fragrances entails being tempted by the incongruencies of smell; to be curious about the odd and the offbeat. In an industry still defined by tradition, romance and, quite literally, roses, there’s no space for the unfamiliar. As a contemporary brand, it‘s our call to encapsulate reality in a sensual experience.
*burned wires is a flamboyant accord of safran, dry woody notes and hints of gasoline, composed exclusively for sónar.


We instead of me. Us instead of I.

Feel it

When we make a decision, we have to feel it. You may believe emotions stand in opposition to rational thought, but the opposite is true. While emotions can overwhelm rationality, rationality cannot exist without emotions. We act within a world defined by senses that are translated directly into emotions. That’s what tempts us about this industry. Include All of You in decision making. That‘s life, anyhow. Why should it be different in doing business?


Art, as it is commonly defined, is physically manifested imagination and creativity. We define it differently: Through scent we translate our inspirations, thoughts, and creations into olfactory auras. Think of it this way: A painter captures all of his ideas in one frame. Our canvas has different rules: Our creation is invisible and as large as we imagine it.


Luxury can‘t be bought. It’s dynamic, and is defined by knowledge and cultural values, not by price points. Luxury is modest. It’s a mindset, not a show-off.


A sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

It’s a Sense

Fragrances are by definition neither fashion nor beauty items. Nonetheless, we tend to define them as such. Maybe because a sensory experience is less tangible and harder to comprehend. A fragrance can be pleasant, heavy, pure, present, warm, sensual, mysterious, spicy. Our business deals in perceptions not depictions. We’d argue that we’re more related to chemistry than beauty; more similar to art than fashion.

No Gender, No Age

At 27 87, expression of individuality is not about defining a fragrance’s sex. A scent is an expression of ourselves and our emotional makeup. It has nothing to do with other people’s judgments. A scent can only feel modern in the androgynous in-betweens, defined by singularity instead of outdated mindsets. Rethink norms and remember: Notes are always unisex.


Smell it.
Layer it.
On your skin.
What’s your type of skin?
On a piece of paper.
In a room.
What’s your mood?
Your emotion?
Heavy or light? Or both?
One can’t experiment enough. Ever.


There’s an undeniable paradox in the world of perfumery. While other industries advertise that their products last a lifetime, we promote impermanence. A product that serves as a potent reminder of the fragility and ephemeral nature of life.

Blank Canvas

We co-create rather than dictate. To us, the Now is a blank canvas that expresses the unfinished. It is a symbol of perpetual newness; the belief that we are always in progress, and that it’s not necessary to define a beginning or end. We float.


Niche means artistic perfumery. It can provoke, question, and push boundaries. Niche is not necessarily pleasant. It‘s rather extreme. It’s narrowly defined, specialized, and not interested in mass-market or limitless consumption.

Collective Action

Collaboration is not about efficiency. It‘s essential to our identity. We work with perfumers, artists, and creatives around the globe. Dialogue is crucial for everyday synergy. We prefer vital noise over shy silence. Collaboration also means curiosity about the new. It means changing perspectives and paths, and being agile. It‘s our catalyst for productivity and purpose. 


A roadmap of success does not exist. Anyone who truly pushes boundaries and leaves a mark knows this. To us, success means staying our course, as in: “This is what we love and we won’t be satisfied otherwise.” You can’t look for it, it just exists. That does not mean you don‘t work for it. In fact, you work harder. And remember: There’s only one definition of success. Yours. 


Long-lasting over short-term. We release new perfumes when it‘s time, not when timing requires it. We do not mass-advertise or try to convince. In an industry flooded by hollow promises, personal recommendation is the biggest compliment we could ask for. We consciously run our business by our standards of values and beliefs, not by market expectations and statistics. Let’s leave some space to dream, hope, and, of course, have fun.