Scents to accompany and accentuate the day-to-day — versatile and present.  It’s a signature for the here and now. In everyday life, paying attention to the things that you perceive means to be aware of the moment. Focus. Become aware of everything you see, hear, and – smell. And some of these things will stay with you, will carry you through the day (and beyond). You can wear our Now Line perfectly in everyday life. These fragrances don't fill the whole room, yet they inherit a strong recognition value. An olfactive signature that you can make your own. We clash warm Moroccan cedarwood and creamy sandalwood with metallic vibes of fresh aldehydes, and create molecular compositions as singular as your genetic code.

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Scents for exploration and faraway places — exotic and spirited. For most people, the first time they experience breathtaking landmarks, their eyes widen, their jaws hit the floor and life stands still for a moment. In other words: they are in awe. In science, awe is often described as an emotion that combines an experience of vastness with both pleasure and a fear of the unknown. These moments are rare and ephemeral, yet deeply precious. Our Go line is defined by exotic and highly unusual – odd at times – ingredients that are, even in artistic perfumery, hard to find. It’s an unknown exploration of auras, defined by notes of absinthe, fennel and mint leaves.

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Scents for statement occasions — courageous and potent. Don’t doubt. At least, sometimes. Statements express facts, ideas or opinions. Statements do not ask questions, make requests or give commands. Statements can be simple, compound or even complex, yet they always leave a mark. Our Wild line combines ecstatic presence with sensual confidence. It unfolds in robust notes of red pepper and unique burned rubber accords that are paired with bright Mediterranean bergamot and sweet caramel.

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Scents to integrate stillness and presence — grounding and reinventing. There’s noise, importance, seriousness, distress, rush, fuss in the world all the time. This is not about any of those things. Understand calm as a condition of freedom from storms and high waves. Understand calm as a complete absence of wind. It is an atmosphere where there is no stress or tension. It is a smell that comforts you, that prefers intro- over extroversion. Our Calm line is a gentle hill of presence – from warm vanilla and sandalwood accords to hints of tonka bean and coconut.

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