How Long is Now?

„Feel the point in time that we call the now. Feel the presence of experience and notice that what you are feeling is instant. What you are feeling is gone sooner than it appears. What we call now is not frozen or static but on the move. The present moment is never fixed but always becoming. And yet it is right now—in this ever-dissolving moment—where the flow of time and the stories of life in all their remarkable richness and complexities are written.“

Using dance as a potent form of artistic expression to delve into the essence of the present moment — through the mind and body — HOW LONG IS NOW? invites the viewer to investigate the concept of the now.

We were inspired by the spontaneous and unpredict- able nature of each moment and approached the film’s creation with a similar spirit. With utmost agility and freedom, the film’s concept and production echo the delicate yet robust nature of the moment. The guiding principle was to fully inhabit and embrace each instant since nothing remains the same from one moment to the next.

“HOW LONG IS NOW?” is directed with just two rules for the dancer and camera: music and space. The film juxtaposes snippets of Barcelona with boundless spac- es where time appears nonexistent, all woven together with music that plays like a symphony of spontaneous fragments, embodying the magic of each moment.

In the end, the dancer moves through time. He fills the empty space with his expression and presence. Creating visuals. Battling with the ephemeral. He braves the mo- ment, surrenders to it, calls for air, resists, and loses them- selves—only to collapse in the ever-changing. Yet, out of this struggle comes this invisible force. A presence in which the dancer succeeds in defining the very moment.
DANCERS Quirin Brunhuber, Alessandra Sain
DIRECTED BY Inga Liningaan Langkay
PRODUCER Federica Monge, Nacho Griaza
CONCEPT Bureau Paniert, Maison Yy
STYLING Elisa Schenke
HAIR & MAKEUP Clara Buxeda
VOICE Marta Navarro Escriche
RUNNER Rio Molinengo