Complementing the namesake 87 ml bottle, our scents are now available in handy 27 ml sizes.
Talking Scents

Thommy Momsen

Hair colourist, beauty enthusiast, fragrance lover: Thommy Momsen makes an impression with his eccentricity and the trace of scent he leaves when entering (or exiting) a room.

Current state of mind:


If not now, when?

7 days all inclusive holiday with mum … ASAP!

Your scent memory:

My grandmother lives next to a small stream, it smells like it does after a heavy summer rainshower, all year round.

Your greatest regret:

Listening to my tummy.

Your scentsitivity:

I am a hair colourist: the ritual of bleaching hair, washing it out, and blowdrying my client’s hair activates all my ‘smell buds’. The smell of freshly washed hair is one I could smell all day long. 

Genetic bliss makes me feel:

rich and famous! Not kidding – wherever I go, people stop me to ask what scent I am wearing. Once the whole coffee shop wanted to get a secret sniff.

I wear genetic bliss when:

I want to be the main character.