Complementing the namesake 87 ml bottle, our scents are now available in handy 27 ml sizes.
Talking Scents

Romy’s unadorned Now…

Romy founded 27 87 in Barcelona in 2016, with the clear intention of creating perfumes that enhance an individual’s immediate reality. She’s a go-getter and passionate re-inventor.

Current state of mind:


If not now, when?

Living life.

Your scent memory:

the smell of plum always takes me back to teenage years, when I was topping plum cakes in a bakery to earn some extra cash during summer holidays.

#hashtag makes me feel:


What is your greatest regret?

Not listening to my French teacher in school, telling me: ‘French is an important language, trust me and learn the vocabularies’. I could have used French so many times in recent years, especially working in the perfume industry!

Your scentsitivity:

on top of roasted onions with garlic, I love the smell of fresh basil leaves. This fresh, energetic but at the same time liquorice-reminiscent smell fascinates and drives me crazy. I can’t get enough of it and always have fresh basil at home. Unfortunately, in perfumery the basil notes smell more like pesto as opposed to fresh leaves. There seems to be no way around that. Trust me, I’ve tried everything!

I wear sónar when:

I want to feel bubbly, alluring, and confident at the same time.