Eau de parfum


Far and wide

Inspired by the lust for novelty and exploration, “wandervogel” combines exotic shiso, marine notes, and subtle sand accords, lending it an airy, near transcendent appeal. Combined with a soft note of rare Moroccan mint, it’s a modern interpretation of exploration and lands unseen.

Top notes
Mint, shiso leaves, marine accord
Mid notes
Anise, fennel, white floral
Low notes
Musk, sand accord
Go Line
Scents for exploration and faraway places — daring and spirited.
A delicately marbled geographical abstraction mirroring the ingredient’s colors.
Our bottles follow clear, minimalist lines that are a canvas — not a competition — for their content. Rather than traditional 100 ml or 50 ml flasks, 27 87 is available in namesake 27 ml and 87 ml bottles.