Eau de parfum


Inhale, exhale

Inhale, exhale, and let go: “hamaca” fuses cool and salty marine accords with grounding Venezuelan Tonka bean, sun – warmed coconut, Madagascan vanilla, and earthy sandalwood to create a scent of pure, unadulterated presence.

Top notes
Marine accord
Mid notes
Sandalwood, coconut
Low notes
Tonka bean, vanilla
Calm Line
Scents to integrate stillness and presence — grounding and re-inventing.
Abstract and pastel a visualization of stillness and presence.
Our bottles follow clear, minimalist lines that are a canvas — not a competition — for their content. Rather than traditional 100 ml or 50 ml flasks, 27 87 is available in namesake 27 ml and 87 ml bottles.
2787 Hamaca 27ml.