Complementing the namesake 87 ml bottle, our scents are now available in handy 27 ml sizes.
Talking Scents

Melli Zampanella

Meet Melli Zampanella, scent stylist & fragrance lover at heart. She is on a mission to find ‘the one’ scent for her clients and their different personalities and circumstances. A big molecular scent fan, it’s no surprise genetic bliss captured her heart (and nose).


Current state of mind:


If not now, when?

Travelling by myself…go on an adventure, face my fears, step out of my comfort zone.

Your scent memory:

When I was little I would spend hours in my grandma’s rose garden, She loved roses so much, I got one tattooed on my left hand in her memory. I used to pick rose petals, mix them with water to try and make perfume out of it: as you can imagine, I wasn’t that successful but that is the smell of my childhood. My teenage years, on the other hand, smelled like a mix of hairspray, the wood of old ballet bars, and heavy, dusty stage curtains. Yes, I was a professional dancer.

Genetic bliss makes me feel:

like home. Calm, secure, safe from negative energy. It’s like being hugged by a loved one.

What is your greatest regret?

I spent a lot of time on this question. The answer: Je ne regrette rien. I believe that everything happens for a reason, all my mistakes were part of my journey and got me where I am today.

Your scentsitivity:

I love the smell of warm, sun kissed skin at the end of a long day spent on the beach. It’s a sexy melange of sea salt, sand, sun, oil and sweat. My nose is hyper-sensitive, making this a difficult question to answer. But my nose’s biggest ‘pet peeve’ is the smell of laundry that has been left wet in the washing machine after washing for too long.

I wear genetic bliss when:

I’ll probably wear it to my grave, so I have it with me in my next life too 😉