Complementing the namesake 87 ml bottle, our scents are now available in handy 27 ml sizes.
Talking Scents

Chelsey Weimar

Growing up between the salty ocean breeze and the (bitter)sweet smell of changing rooms, Dutch model Chelsey Weimar’s laidback, less-is-more attitude speaks to the core of 27 87.

Half tomboy half hopeless romantic, we sat down (virtually) to talk scents with Chelsey.


Current state of mind:


If not now, when?

Visiting Japan and Australia. When Covid-19 will be a thing of the past.

Your scent memory:

my childhood / teenage years smelled like sweaty changing rooms. My dad used to play soccer with my brother and myself, so our weekends were spent on the pitch. It makes me happy because I really enjoyed that time in my life, it was a family thing. We would head to the beach afterwards to grab a bite in the city together.
Another memory I am fond of is the smell of the ocean. We have several beaches in the Netherlands, so during summers we would often go camping by the sea. Some of my happiest moments!

Your greatest regret:

staying in certain situations for too long, knowing they weren’t good for me.

Your scentsitivity:

my favourite has to be fresh flowers – reminds me of the market where I go flower hunting with my boyfriend on Saturdays. Least favourite: tomato soup!

Hamaca makes me feel:

sexy! My boyfriend loves it, and I get neck kisses when he smells it, which is an added bonus.

I wear hamaca when:

EVERYDAY from now on!